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Shoot the Aliens

Shoot the Aliens

The aliens of outer space were looking for a perfect place to start a new life. On their journey, they discovered our earth and found it to be suitable for their survival. But they have a problem - the people. They thought that the people on earth might be a distraction to their survival. So they have planned to land on earth and destroy us. But we do have a chance if we can operate our giant shooting gun and destroy the aliens and alien ships. Can you do it?
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Click on 'start' and you can see the alien ships. Now use the left and right arrows to move the giant shooting gun and the space bar to shoot at the aliens and alien ships. Good Luck!

To play the game, click the button PLAY GAME grey when it turns red PLAY GAME red


Action, For boys, Shooting, Control - arrows, Shooter, Adventure games, Defense, Control - space bar, Defence, Alien shooting games



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