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Circus Bike Adventure!

Circus Bike Adventure!

Have you been to a circus? The place under a large tent, with lots of colorful decorations! Many animals like the elephant, tiger, lion, seal, parrots, dogs & horses perform wonderful tricks that we can't even imagine. The clowns are a fun to watch. They make us laugh! Many circus artists amaze us by performing great tricks by hanging on the ropes and swinging from one place to another at a great height. However, circus is a place where we enjoy and have a good time. Riding a bike on the rope is one of the tricks preformed by trained professionals that is quite amazing. Circus Bike Adventure is one such game where you can enjoy playing the bike balancing trick.
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Click 'start', then 'play'. Now select 'level 1'.
Use the up and down arrow keys to move the bike forward and backward. Use the left and right arrows to lean backward and forward. Use 'shift'  to jump and the 'space bar' to change direction. Good luck!

To play the game, click the button PLAY GAME grey when it turns red PLAY GAME red


For boys, Control - arrows, Adventure games, Racing games, Bike Games, Driving games, Circus adventure



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