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Adventure in Forest

Adventure in Forest

Juloo, the monkey and Huloo, the hedgehog are friends. They were bored playing in their safest place and wanted to go on an adventure trip. So both of them set out in to the wide and big forest in search of new places. Juloo and Huloo helped each other throughout the journey and came back home safely. They were friends for life.  If you are also someone who respects friendship and loves adventure, then this is the game for you.
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Click on 'play' and then 'play game' and then 'level 1'. Now follow the instructions given below to play the game:
To control Juloo use the following keys:
A D move/ swing, W jump/ climb, S pick up/ put down,  S+ A D throw box, W+ A D jump when climbing
To control Huloo use the following keys:
← → move/ swing, ↑  jump/ climb, ↓ pick up/ put down,
↓ + ← → rolling attack,
↑ + ← → jump when climbing

To play the game, click the button PLAY GAME grey when it turns red PLAY GAME red


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