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Jumping Prince & Princess

Jumping Prince & Princess

Elle and Erin are the princess and prince of the tiny dwarf kingdom. They live in the deepest place of the forest. They have a father who is the king of the tiny dwarf kingdom. The king was poisoned by one of his counsel members and is sick. So Elle and Erin set out in to the jungle to find a cure to their father. They also have to collect gold coins on their way to pay the jungle fairy. Can you help them in this adventure trip?
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Click on 'play' then on 'game start' and then 'level 1'. Now use the right and left arrows to move Erin to and fro. Use the up arrow to make him jump. Use  A and D to move Elle to and fro. Use W to make her jump. Happy Adventure!

To play the game, click the button PLAY GAME grey when it turns red PLAY GAME red


Princess, For boys, Adventure, Control - arrows, Mario games, Prince, Control - A, Two player




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