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Jim & Jack

Jim & Jack

Jim and Jack are childhood friends. They always wanted to go on an adventure trip around the globe. But is that an easy task? No! However, Jim and Jack are determined to achieve their goal. So they set out on a dangerous yet thrilling journey that involves a lot of trouble in between. But there are a few things that Jim and Jack can collect to make their trip safer. Collecting the power up balloons will really help. An apple makes them stronger and helps  them to survive a hit. Stars can help to shoot at the enemy. Titan boots helps to jump higher and the triple fire balls helps to be invisible for a few seconds. 100 gold coins helps to gain a life and a pot of gold coins is equal to 10 coins. So with all the maximum help. will Jim and Jack survive the dangerous trip. Well then, help them to win!
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Click on '1 player' or '2 players' and then click on 'start new game'. Now use the left and right arrows to move to and fro. Use the up arrow to jump and the down arrow to duck. Use control key to shoot. Jump on your enemy to make him fall. Good Luck!

To play the game, click the button PLAY GAME grey when it turns red PLAY GAME red


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