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Ronnie, Miss.Beautiful Feet

Ronnie, Miss.Beautiful Feet

Ronnie has natural beautiful feet and she wants to make it look more beautiful by adding on some charm. Can you help?
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Click on the 'play' button and go to the play screen. There you can see Ronnie's beautiful feet waiting to be decorated. Click on your favorite toe nail type first. Apply the polish by clicking on your desired color and then clicking on Ronnie's toes one by one. You can also choose to decorate the toes using the toe nail design. Now you can apply tattoos, anklets and shoes by clicking on the respective buttons until you like the types. If you want to remove the nail polish use the remover and wipe over the toe nails using your mouse. You can also undo the done part by clicking the 'Χ' button. Finally click the 'finish' button to add the background. You can replay the game again by clicking the 'replay' button.

To play the game, click the button PLAY GAME grey when it turns red PLAY GAME red


For girls, Control - mouse, Clicking games, Make up games, Feet make up, Tattoos.



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