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Penguin Diver

Penguin Diver

Do you think that only people can dive in the water? Well, you are wrong! Even penguins do! This is an exciting game where you get to control a penguin to dive in to the water. You can twist him, make him spin and dive. You can also set the direction and power of the dive before making the penguin dive. Sounds like fun! Then what are you waiting for? Play now!
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Click on 'play'. Then choose 'level 1'. Now press any key to set the direction and power. Now press space bar to make the penguin jump. You can twist him using up and down arrow and to spin him use right and left arrow. Good Luck!

To play the game, click the button PLAY GAME grey when it turns red PLAY GAME red


Fun, For boys, Sports, Control - arrows, Control - space bar, Swimming, Penguin, Diving



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