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Jumping Dino Boy

Jumping Dino Boy

Dino boy is a naughty little dinosaur who loves to explore new things around him. He loves to wander about in the forest looking to find anything new or strange. Mama dinosaur often warned him not to go far way from the herd as he might get lost. But Dino boy always ignored his mama's words. One day as the dinosaur herd was feeding on a grassland, Dino boy saw a butterfly sitting on a flower. He wanted to see what it was and went closer. But the butterfly flew away. So Dino followed it wherever it went and finally found out that he had come far way from his herd. Now he has to go back to his herd. Can you help him?
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Use the arrow keys to control Dino boy and take him to his herd.

To play the game, click the button PLAY GAME grey when it turns red PLAY GAME red


For boys, Adventure, Control - arrows, Adventure games, Skill, Mario games, Forest, Tiny, Dino, Dinosaurs, Animal




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